Frazzbass vs Komprex - Crossbreed vs Terror

by Frazzbass vs Komprex

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Gonna do it in my way
 Promise that one day 
All of you are going down

 Really just can’t wait 
To free this pure hate
 I Lied Come here and follow me ì
It will be quick 
 You will see Keep a promise 
If you ever will
 Don’t say a world Just KILL KILL KILL
 Politics, Religion
 Needs of Money too That’s the world was built for 
But not for me and you
 Looking at the blade Aiming at my eyes
 Staring to where
 Somebody called my lies
Rage & Hate Suffer for your life Pain relentlessly Torturing has reached a level no one's ever seen hate is the reason that I think you don't live With pain Rage and hate Beatings come faster Beatings last longer With pain Rage and hate Beatings are forever I don't think you'll live [2x] Malice for your life Rage is my release Rage is my obsession driven by my cruelty Hate is the reason I embrace these fantasies
 Crossbreed Creatures
 I’m born without a soul I’m everything you’ll never be
 Empty promises of hope
 What do you want from me? They never told me 
The failure 
I was meant to be Stop your bitchin’ around
 Fight your way
 This is pure crossbreed hardsound What the hell I’m sayin’?
 Forget this time 
I’m proud the shit I made Watcha gonna do?
 Can’t you kill me? 
Cause I’m already inside you Walk behind you kill 
You’ll never know
 What your soul try to feel Ocean tainted with blood 
Mute souls end in silence 
A Hardcore nation without law
DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE Come to me Stay here
 Talk to me
 Don’t be scared 
Hear me 
Listen to my voice 
It’s so freaking loud 
I don’t want to be alone Who doesn’t understand my silence
 Will probably not understand my words
LAST HOPE I’m their very last hope 
To ride from hell
 Free once again To break the chains
 From their bloody past
 And for your lousy gain Their souls will curse you and you will burn in my hate
 (what you did to them?)
 You’ll live through me and I WILL END ALL YOUR PAIN! Pain!
 What you hear now are the suffering
 Voices of all the souls That crossed these lands before you!
 Echoes of terror
 all trapped on this sadistic world Lost in the shadow 
 I’m searching for the last hope
 What do you did to them

 You’ll live through me and 
MEAT = DEATH Besides psycological and phisycal abused Torture, dismemberment and murder Is slavery, owner, victim, profit, Domination, atrocity are all together Esclusive to the human race??? I understand your life style Used to be mine I’m not democrate, an anarchist I’m not a socialist or a fascist Open your mind please [x8] Today I'm gonna challange your believes system lemme start with a quick disclaimer I’M NOT HERE TO BE YOUR ENEMY Without mercy we murder bilions of animals everyear Just for the follow reasons: Convienence, tradiction, taste MEAT = DEATH I don't consider myself food, Why should I ask all other creatures to consider themselves so? Those who kill animals are the murderers....
Are you?
FRAZZBASS - FIGHT Fight till death yeah 
Prepare for attack 
Death will arrive Your body will burn 
No fuckin way to hide
 There's no return Clouds of terror 
Your end is near 
 You can't survive I'm eternal Fight till death 
 Fight till death yeah 
No no... There's no future no fucking 
world to be saved
 Senseless death of all mankind overtakes Armored assassins destroy at you will your escape 
 Children of sorrow are trampled into the grave 
 There's no future no fucking world to be saved Afraid to walk the streets 
In the blackness all alone 
The coldness of the night 
Engulfs your flash and your bones

 Hoping for relief 
From the fear you feel inside 
 Losing all perspective 
Of reality in the night


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released January 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Noistorm Milano, Italy

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